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There are limits, though. For everyone born after , the full retirement age is 66, with two months added for each year after For those born in and after, it is age Even better, wait even longer and you could be eligible for delayed retirement credits that increase your monthly payment.

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Even divorcees are eligible. They are added to what the family receives. Your benefit payment is reduced for the year if you exceed the limits. The maximum earned income amount in for people at or above full retirement age; your Social Security benefits are reduced if you exceed it. Your earnings plus Social Security could put you up a notch in the tax table. If your deceased spouse or ex-spouse was eligible for a higher Social Security payment than you are, you may be eligible for that higher survivor benefit.

You may qualify for the higher benefit even if your spouse died before applying for benefits. You get a Social Security statement every year. Do not assume it is accurate. Check the numbers and report any errors to the Social Security Administration. Remember, your benefits are based on the average of your 35 highest-earning years.

A miscalculation for even one or two of those years could impact your benefit for the rest of your life.

How Social Security works

This could happen if you get a job after you retire or inherit money and decide you can afford to delay filing to get a higher benefit check. When you file again later, your benefit should be substantially higher. Social Security. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It makes me sick with all we save that were so far off from the mark.

We also have another k in investments. So, what does this mean? The amounts can be for the both of you, or for one.

Whatever you feel is more comfortable, as marriage is one entity. Diversify out of equities too! Real estate, precious metals, etc.. What if you lose your job at 52 years old and you have nothing except your k? Time to eat cat food for a while?

Explaining Why The Median 401(k) Retirement Balance By Age Is Dangerously Low

Diversify out of the as soon as you hit the match. This site is good and bad… Not everyone is capable of making 70k or more… Like myself! Intellectual ability has a lot to do with the equation. My family has struggled to save every bit of the way and have done pretty good considering. I hope the end result will be gratifying. Have you tried starting a business, working another job, improving your education, finding something to leverage?

You may be entitled to more than you think

Like many folks here who lost tens of thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye, that could happen in the future. Javier sounds like he just wants to light up another funny looking cigarette,who could imagine working 60 plus hours a week. Therefore, the charts gives a good approximation for someone just starting out…they have at least a road map of where they should be or aspire financially regarding their k. I think I am do ok even according to your charts. I was an engineer in an assy plant.

Even after I maxed my Roth, I was still way below what I could have saved in a tax-advantaged account.

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  7. Interesting dichotomy of workforce you have there. Government loved to make everybody earn the same. Pretty close to the Fidelity average, right? In this case, the statistics of having my money spread in different places will be misleading compared to the true value of my total retirement funds. So the bottom line is: We are much richer than statistics say we are, and that we should feel much better about ourselves!

    I agree. I also like to keep my past several ks separate, even though Fidelity calls me to consolidate. In fact, proper to use the term as 12 million accounts. If half of the people are in the same boat with spread out K accounts than that 12 million turns into others have them all over, than the numbers of 12 million accounts mean there are only 9 million with k accounts.

    The Savvy Couples' Guide to Marrying After 35 : Kay Marshall Strom :

    Possibly less individuals are actually participating if people are really spread out like yourself. Just lots of accounts to a few owners. Especially considering pensions are virtually non-existent in private employment. And quickly becoming non-existent in public employment. People are so out of touch with the economic realities of this country. People who went to school, did the right things, are working 60 hours just to pay bills, and not splurging. Surely one should be allowed to count the present value of any vested pension plan benefit streams and whole life insurance, etc.? How about a growing family business?

    To say otherwise is, in a word, alarmist.

    Jordan Peterson - Why Bother Getting Married?

    Cost of health c are is the killer. We have six hundred and twenty thousand in assets. That with neither one of us having anything particularly serious wrong with us.

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    All along I had assumed a month would cover it nicely. Do the math. I realize this is an old post that I am replying to. None the less we sacrifice and never made more than 90, a year combined and did not start saving until we were 39 years old. We put two children through college, tithe 10 percent minimum. You need at least 1. I have often wondered if the children might have worked a little harder at the marriage had they had an investment in it.

    A little off topic I realize but somehow I felt led to reply.

    33% of Japanese think marriage is pointless: survey

    Sounds egregious. Have you see this post? Pop Planting Our Pennies J. I am 36, single income family wife stays at home currently with k in k. I also do a couple hundred per month to the kids two kids to try and help as much as I can.