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At university in Berlin, Zunz studied mathematics, philosophy, history and philology, ultimately earning a Ph. D at the University of Halle. In , Zunz published a groundbreaking and influential book arguing for recognition of Judaism and its literature in university research and teaching. The journal introduced Wissenschaft, the new field of Jewish science, explaining that it consisted of studying the historical development and philosophical essence of Judaism through a critical understanding of Jewish literature. Besides showing that the sermon was a thoroughly Jewish practice, the book demonstrated that Judaic studies could be an academic field and made the case that Judaism was a growing force, not a crystallized law.

The book had a powerful influence in shaping the principles of Reform Judaism , especially as applied to the prayer books. When a German royal edict in barred Jews from taking German names, the German Jewish community commissioned Zunz to write a scholarly paper on the history of Jewish names. The paper demonstrated that the names that had been classed as non-Jewish were actually an ancient inheritance of Judaism. In , Zunz became the first director of a new Jewish seminary, Lehrerseminar, where he was able to pursue academic research and writing, including a translation of the Book of Chronicles , a study on the geographical literature of the Jews and articles on German and Jewish issues of the day, particularly the rise of the Reform movement.

Although his own work inspired it and though he neither strictly observed traditional Jewish laws nor believed they were divinely commanded, Zunz was no fan of the then-fledgling Reform movement. In addition to his scholarly work, Zunz was active in German civic life. In , he was appointed an elector in the th precinct both for the deputy to the Prussian legislature and for the representative in the German Diet a legislative body.

He was likewise busy in conferences and private interviews with influential citizens, endeavoring to carry into effect the emancipation of the Jews; in high functionaries of the court and state had sought his opinion on proposed legislation regulating the status of Prussian Jews.

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In , he became president of his district electoral assembly. His Die Ritus des Synagogalen Gottesdienstes Geschichtlich Entwickelt History of Synagogue Worship , published four years later, explored the historic development of different components of Jewish liturgy and in different parts of the world. Toward the end of his life, Zunz also became interested in the emerging field of biblical criticism.

Adapted from the Jewish Encyclopedia. Comprised of the Mishnah and the Gemara, it contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis from different periods in Jewish history. There are many versions available ranging from very traditional to nontraditional, and you can also make your own. I would very much like to listen to them during my daily commute. Hi Dr. As you must feel from all of us you are an outstanding lecturer, teacher, etc.

The Many Faces of Judaism

Please let me know when you will start a new series I have a new mail dewaisser gmail. The series now jumps to lecture Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Simpson Coupar. I enjoy your lectures and articles immensely. They were extremely helpful in my essay on the Russian Ukrainian pogroms. Do you happen to know what the title of the lecture was. I believed you gave it in Miami. I know its a lot to ask, but if you have any information that would be very helpful. Hello Mr. Harter— Thanks very much for your kind words. Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

Shalom Dr.

Two Proposals for Change

I have a good joke for one of your lectures! Keep up the good work! Hello and thanks for the kind words, Mr. May funny in certain circles but not publicly.

Guide THE MANY FACES OF JUDAISM: Jewish Studies for The Busy Person

However, that being said, I would love to talk to you on the phone. My number is I am a 7th day Sabbath-keeping Christian of C. I wish primetime TV would present you instead of clutzy Hollywood mental quicksand. My friends in C. Please continue to feature your clean jokes! Thank you for your especially kind words. I read them aloud to my family!

I am very glad you enjoy the lectures; may you and your loved ones continue to do so in good health and abundant blessings. Yes Sir, for sure! Now I feel like we are brothers or cousins well, everyone are cousins, i. Adam, Eve, etc. Would you ever do a lecture on Moshe Dayan? To me, he is as heroic as Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Patton, A. Lincoln, G. Thanks again to our God, for His bringing you to us! Your enjoyment of the lectures is sufficient sponsorship, Mr.

Best to you and your family, HMA. Dear Professor, your lectures on youtube JHL are really kvell, emes, no shvitz!

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Mazel tov, yasher koach! Shoilem aleichem Professor Abramson, zeyer fayne lektsherim shelachim! A zeyer sheynem dank for all your arbeit with this project! Dovid Sanders. Thanks a lot for all your work.

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Really appreciate it. Mazel tov! Really amazing classes there with a good sense of humour, Dr. Dank u well! Have a nice day! Nice to hear from you all the way in Amsterdam. Anna Frank would be an excellent subject, thank you for the suggestion! Abramson I was in Mexico City ,as always I comment to my family how much I learn and enjoy your lectures.

I would like to know if there is tomorrow a lecture. Eva Zack de Waisser. Welcome back!

Learnt many new things, though i thought i knew everything on the subject. Also many things put in a new perspective. However, i could not believe that you claimed in your lecture on jewish humor that there is no humour in the Talmud!!! And you yourself made that so clear in your lecure about Rashbi! Hello Professor, I have just read in one of the previous threads you mentioned that you would be coming to England for a video conference, when is that going to happen and where exactly, if I may? Also something about Shlomo Ganzfried? I found your youtube channel via TorahCafe and since then, have enjoyed listening to many of your talks.

Your talks on Jewish women are my favourite.