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Ready Player One (2018) HD - "Stayin' Alive" Dance Scene

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See the VR Support section for more info. Its just a pattern. The first one was great then the second one has to catch up and be as good as the first one.

Ready Player One: The 5 Biggest Book vs. Movie Changes - IGN

I feel as though the second movie wont feel like Ready Player One, if done wrong. Also it might take place years after the original story so Wade and Sam could be much older and hopefully wiser. Solving puzzles, trying to decipher the riddles and finding clues with the help of nerdy pop culture references. That was what made the story so much fun.

So will the second book and movie have that same mystery element. Because at the end of the day, it is a mystery. Sure as hell is not Sherlock or some detective novel but a mystery non the less. Harry Potter was a mystery whether you like to believe it or not. I hope they bring the same fun back to the story.

At the end of the day it does take place inside a video game so hey, there will always be challenges. Lets see what Ernest Cline has in store for us. Skip to content Menu. Martinez Posted on April 22, Ready Player One Sequel So Ernest Cline said that while on the set of the movie, he had already been working on book 2.

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Ready Player One 2 Will "Explore Other Facets of Pop Culture" (Exclusive)

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  • Read the first two chapters of Ernest Cline's new novel, Ready Player One.

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