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We were all drafted. After I served a twenty-four month sentence during which I never left the United States , I returned to California eager to get into the film business, as I had dreamed of since childhood.

I wrote one letter to MGM in care of the production department, determined to start at the biggest and best studio in the world. I mailed my letter on a Monday morning.

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Simple as that. The letter that I had written was a typical letter from someone seeking a job — my educational background, my Army service record and various vital statistics.

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I mentioned that I spoke fluent Armenian and fluent Turkish. My parents were Armenians born in Turkey. I came to learn that every day at a motion picture studio was filled with crises. People were running around from office to office, taking no notice of me. I sat in the outer office of the head production manager, a man named Walter Strohm. I discovered the commissary. I was in a whole new world. I was shown to a small table.

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I was fortunate to be a part of the Golden Years of Hollywood albeit the tail end of it. MGM was the largest and most lucrative film studio in the world. This giant of a studio made one movie a week in its heyday. With stars who were stars. And story lines that you could follow without the aid of computers and digital innovations. Louis B. This is raw Hollywood as it was.

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Hank Moomjean. Bring In The Peacocks. Formats Hardcover. Book Details. Language : English. Dreyfus is forced to go it alone. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan, if you please. Gilbert is forever known as Gilbert and. His worldwide fame in partnership with the composer Sullivan overshadowed his playwriting.

Bring In The Peacocks . . . or Memoirs of a Hollywood Producer By Hank Moonjean

His satire Engaged is a curiosity piece that was ahead of its time. The discovery is how astonishingly, farcically ludicrous it really is. But to my own amazement, in its modest, expertly performed way, we can see how it actually anticipated the Theatre of the Absurd, as well as my favorite screwball of all, Preston Sturges, and even the farcical lunacies of Monty Python.

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Serious claims, to be sure. And who but Monty Python would have him entering out of the blue in full regalia with pistols on a hillock? Meanwhile, for complex reasons, a young opportunist known as Cheviot, of the Cheviot Hills, has become engaged to two or three women simultaneously. Search every tree, every bush, every geranium …. Engaged gives eternal British silliness a good name. It also reminds us how charming farce can be.

Doug Hughes and his small, fun ensemble have done it proud, as well as the memory of the fine director, Gerald Gutierrez, to whom the production is lovingly dedicated. All farce is played fast and loud or extremely fast and loud. Slamming doors always help, along with vicars and politicians caught with their pants down.

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The entire perplexed town, it seems, is asking what-or the more testy what -is Jumpers about? And since no one appears able to explain it, why, I wonder, is everyone acclaiming it?

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Or is that too logical? We have reached the ultimate farce.


And no sooner was it up than the knowing laughter began: We understand the convoluted joys of logical positivism! He can be too clever by three-quarters. Or too clever-clever-clever. Was it because I felt I understood it? They both have their convolutions and absurdities, but a Philosophy lecture does not a farce make. It makes a showy pretext for one. And yet I felt the overcrowded evening amounted to a set-up. The one authentic, purely farcical element within the piece is the punning detective investigating the murder mystery.

Detective Bones is Mr. But when the absentminded George started to shave himself for no reason, my suspicions were alerted. A man with foam on his face thus emerged in the next scene-not with a peacock, but with a bow and arrow and a tortoise. It might have been a tortoise and a hare. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience.